Visual Arts

Talk at the exhibition ‘Febre’

— with Tiago Baptista and Natxo Checa

Galeria Zé dos Bois

© Bruno Lopes

Reservations through the e-mail artesvisuais@zedosbois. org.

On Friday, October 15th, Tiago Baptista and Natxo Checa get together for a conversation about Febre, the exhibition Baptista is presenting at Galeria Zé dos Bois, which brings together a set of paintings and drawings that are the result of a two-year artistic residency at ZDB, accompanied by the exhibition’s curator. In a journey through the exhibition, the pictorial production of this period will be explored, associated by the painter to the feverish state, reflecting the representation of images that derive, becoming singular entities, with their own characteristics and meanings, building various individual narratives.

Tiago Baptista

Tiago Baptista (Leiria, 1986) is a portuguese artist, currently based in Lisbon.
Throughout mostly painting and drawing, his work expands frequently into comics, installation and artists publications. Using a wide range of imagery, from social media to art history, his body of work results in an intimate and personal search about human relation with nature, landscape, culture and memory in a post-industrial and late capitalism environment, where figures collide and dialogue between realism and abstraction – often within a disruptive and non-sense associations of different dimensions of times and spaces. He also runs the blog Desenhando Constelações where he posts his writings and podcasts.

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