Talks on Querela Exhibition

— Liz Craft

Galeria Zé dos Bois

14th December — Soraya Vasconcelos
11st January — Filipe Pereirinha

On December 14 and January 11, ZDB will hold two talks on Liz Craft’s exhibition Querela. On both dates, starting at 6:30 p.m., we will be hosting a guest whose interests or areas of study prompt an echo in some of the questions raised by this American artist’s works.

So, on December 14, we will visit the exhibition in the company of artist and researcher Soraya Vasconcelos, with the help of which we will explore the links between the experience of art and the place that affection occupies therein. On January 11, for his part, we will benefit from the presence of Filipe Pererinha, author and psychoanalyst with whom we will rehearse approximations to the symptom that Liz Craft’s piece produce.

Soraya Vasconcelos

Soraya Vasconcelos (b.1977) artist, teacher, researcher; Holding a degree in Painting (2002, College of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon), she also studied Photography and Philosophy and completed a PHD in Arts (2014, University of Algarve). She teaches in Photography courses at the Lusófona University and Tomar Polytechnic. Her art practice includes photography, drawing and printmaking, she produces publications and installations. In 2005 she was selected for the 1st Photography Course of the Gulbenkian Criativity and Artistic Creation Programme, from which emerged the photographers’ collective DOZE, with whom she developed work in the area of ​​photography and publishing, namely the project “Paisagem e Povoamento” (landscape and settlement). Among other participations are the Photography Biennial of Vila Franca de Xira, curated by Sandra Vieira Jurgens (2019); Vernadsky Station, a collective and interdisciplinary project that took place in Sines (2017), with the support of the Centro Cultural Emmérico Nunes, C.M.Sines, DGArtes and F.C. Gulbenkian, which resulted in exhibitions, a website and a book; the collective exhibition “O Olho”, at Ler Devagar – Campo Grande 111 (2015); and the Network of Residences – Experimentation, Art, Science and Technology, (2007).

Filipe Pereirinha

Filipe Pereirinha is a psychoanalyst, currently the vice president of Antena do Campo Freudiano (ACF-Portugal). He holds a PhD in Modern and Contemporary Philosophy and is a former professor and researcher at the psychology department of ULHT. He collaborated with the Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis (CEP) and with the journal Afreudite — Lusófona Magazine of Pure and Applied Psychoanalysis, and was, between 2007 and 2016, a guest and regular collaborator of the Nucleus of Law and Psychoanalysis of the Federal University of Paraná (Curitiba , Brazil). He is the author of the books Psicanálise & Arredores (Lisbon, University Editions Lusófonas, 2005) and Passagens — Da Literatura à Psicanálise, via Direito (Florianópolis, Emporio do Direito, 2016), as well as of numerous articles published in books and magazines, national and foreign. He is currently part of the Editorial Board of Revista Desassossegos — revista de Psicanálise de Orientação — of which he is also a co-author.

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