Tashi Wada Group ft. Julia Holter and Corey Fogel

Galeria Zé dos Bois

It is around the performance and composition that Tashi Wada, from North America, has been developing an admirable language, more and more his own. Simultaneously ancestral and futuristic, the work explores the binomial and other intrinsic relationships between physical and figurative elements. Son of the artist Yoshi Wada, one of the most celebrated members of the Fluxus movement, in the 60s, it is with his father that he has come to explore the possibilities of a minimalist, liturgical and transcendental music, genuinely outside a conventional notion of time. The electro-acoustic richness, the non-linear structures or the inclusion of worldly sounds and objects, imprint an unusual nature – in an era where little is already outstanding and much is diluted.

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