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The Attic

— Rodrigo Amado, Gonçalo Almeida, Onno Govaert

Galeria Zé dos Bois

© Geert Vandepoele

Portuguese saxophonist Rodrigo Amado manages to have an exceptionally beautiful timbre in his sax playing and his playing is both clever and versatile technically and emotionally. It is not surprising that in recent years several top albums have seen the light to which the name of Amado is linked. To name a few: This Is Our Language and A History of Nothing by the quartet Rodrigo Amado / Joe McPhee / Kent Kessler / Chris Corsano, Desire & Freedom by the Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio and The Attic by the trio Rodrigo Amado / Gonçalo Almeida / Marco Franco.

The latter trio has now adopted the name of the album, although on Summer Bummer drummer Marco Franco has been replaced by Dutch percussionist Onno Govaert. Of the three, Almeida is perhaps the busiest musician. With Albatre he makes solid rock jazz, with LAMA sensitive jazz with avant-garde tendencies, with The Selva experimental room jazz, with Spinifex Sufi influences pervaded jazz and with Cement Shoes both rock and free improvisation. There are a few cross streets in which the bass player moves. In The Attic, Almeida, who also plays bass guitar, limits himself to double bass.

The new album is a live recording of the performance that The Attic gave on 26 August 2018 during the Summer Bummer Festival in Antwerp. Summer Bummer is a festival for adventurous music and the free jazz of this trio certainly fits in that category. The album contains three tracks of sixteen, twelve and sixteen minutes respectively. In a total of 45 minutes, Amado, Almeida and Govaert show why The Attic should be counted among the top of European jazz.
— NoBusiness Records

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