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The King of The Rood ~ segundas na z

— de Maria Peixoto Martins

Galeria Zé dos Bois

The King of the Road ©Maria Peixoto Martins
Maria Peixoto Martins

~ segundas na z ~ Meetings and experimentation every Monday on the terrace at 10pm. Started by Claudia Lancaster, they continue with Laura Gama Martins.

The King of The Rood



Pii Pi Pii Piiiiii

You hear it.

You can actually feel it, the sound breaks the auditory barrier and enters your body, making you feel it all over, it’s a sound that you can see and feel in the reverberation, you could even say it tastes like sound, tastes like a car, tastes like smoke, smells like petrol.

You can feel Egypt. “Cairo, you’re full. Cairo, you’re friendly. Cairo, you’re tricky.”

When communicating by sound, green, yellow or red, it doesn’t matter, in Cairo you can feel it, in the complicated dance the juggling of the road is tested to the limit between glances and honks. The poor child who invented the sound “Pi” in a hopeful honk will never have been to Cairo, he would certainly have lost confidence in the act of playing. In car culture, whoever is inside is king.

The viewer is taken for a walk through the streets of Cairo, subjugated to what it is like to walk in the city, in a pure exercise of observation, useless actions under the noise of the horns, words drowned out by a “Piiiiiii”. In The King of the Rood, artist Maria Peixoto Martins takes the audience on a journey in the back of a Chevrolet T, through the chaos of stimuli in the metropolitan city centre.

An intimacy is created with the drivers and the cars, one an extension of the other, through a precision voyeuristic gaze that enters through the windows. In the detail of the images due to the blur of speed, one feels the discomfort of intrusion when the camera lens receives the driver’s gaze. In the same way that she observes, Peixoto Martins feels observed among the noise of the horns, in the absence of silence, a new piece in the puzzle emphasised by the difference. The artist positions herself from the outside, in a confusing nucleus that only the confidant understands, with a lens open to the inside.

The King of The Rood is an authentic immersion, devoid of misunderstandings, an open door of interpretations for the viewer, without condescension or foolishness, an intimate and honest capture transcending three dimensions. Characterised by a heavy air of pollution, but light with irony and admiration, the work is encapsulated in its title, in an “a” lost somewhere in the streets of Cairo.

Maria Peixoto Martins

Maria Peixoto Martins (Almada, 1996) lives and works in Lisbon. In 2014, she began studying Film, Video and Multimedia Communication and, in 2018, she completed a degree in Photography at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies (2016-2018). She has been working in the audiovisual field since 2016. In 2023, she will be studying for a master’s degree in Communication and Multimedia at IADE.

In her artistic practice, she mainly explores photography, video and installation. She focuses mainly on social issues, using humour, the psyche and the human body to gain prominence. Questions of performance, representation and self-representation take centre stage in her projects. He is increasingly analysing the limits of digital photography, such as pixalation and chromatic aberrations.

Since 2022, he has held solo exhibitions such as 7 Janeiro, at the José Luís Peixoto Interpretation Centre, Galveias (2024) and Um Dó Li Tá with Rita Leitão, at the Vieira da Silva Gallery, Loures (2022). She has also participated in group exhibitions since 2017, most recently Quer Curtas ou não #5, an event by Jornal s/título at Prosa Plataforma Cultural, Lisbon (2024), Nervo – Observatório do Fotolivro Português no século. XXI, at Centro Português de Fotografia, Porto (2023) and Now, I Wonder, at Lx Lapa, Lisbon (2022). He was a finalist in the Vila Franca de Xira Photography Biennial 2022 and was awarded the Duplacena Incentive prize at the Fuso – Video Art festival 2023.

Mariana Baião Santos

Mariana Baião Santos is a curator, writer and cultural entrepreneur with international experience. She worked at the Maddox Gallery in London, where she coordinated exhibitions and collaborated in signing new artists. As co-founder of Corrente de Ar in Lisbon, she leads the organisation of cultural events and exhibitions and has achieved media and community recognition. She holds an MA in Contemporary Art Curating from the Royal College of Arts and regularly contributes articles to publications such as Umbigo Magazine, while working as an independent curator between Portugal and England, having had exhibitions at venues such as Galeria Plato in Évora, Fábrica Features and Galeria do Campo Pequeno in Lisbon, and at the Royal College of Arts in London.

Manuel Coxinho aka Pé.Coxinho

Manuel Coxinho aka Pé.Coxinho (Évora, 1994) lives and works in Lisbon. In 2016, he finished his degree in LLC – Literature and Arts at the University of Évora. During his studies he developed a taste for the associative movement and ended up as a member of the Board of the Sociedade Harmonia Eborense, where he was responsible for creating and publicising cinema cycles. From there he took part in various DJ sets, where he mirrored his musical preferences, ranging from rock to electronic music, wandering through the corners of the most romantic music to syntwave.

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