The Legendary Tigerman

— Fuck Christmas, I Got The Blues

Galeria Zé dos Bois

On Christmas Eve, Rock’n’Roll comes back down to earth to warm the hearts of the lonely. With the streets empty and spirits dominated by confused feelings (relief, peace, depression, melancholy, boredom), there’s nothing like the thunder of the guitar and the menace of a voice woven into the images of deep America. Fantasy music to free you from fantasy.

With a new album in 2023, the host is once again The Legendary Tigerman, in a return to their origins as a one-man band. It’s a rare case. One man, with his music, no fuss, just the serene conviction that it will be enough to make the call a success. There’s no shortage of songs in the tiger-man’s repertoire that have the exact ability to bring others together around him. And most importantly, especially on this night, they don’t impose themselves on those who hear them. They allow themselves to be or to be accommodated to the emotions of those who arrive. Don’t think that they cure, that they’re some kind of soothing remedy. The Legendary Tigerman doesn’t bring a message of harmony or peace. There will be no shortage of turbulence and turmoil tonight.

Rock and roll was made for loving, yes, but also for dancing. What can you do to the sound of Bad Luck Rhythm N’Blues Machine if not dance? A liberating communion for the days that follow. That’s what this concert will be like, where everyone will be a boy and a magician king.

Or as in a year of profound aesthetic changes in TIGERMAN’s sound, there’s still one night when nothing changes. Hallelujah.

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