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The Twist Connection

The Twist Connection

Twist Connection emerged in 2016 and already have four full-length albums – two 45s
They’re a rock’n’roll band that delves into the roots of the second half of the 20th century, feeding off the nascent rockabilly of the 50s, the various aesthetic currents of the 60s and the punk urgency of the late 70s to reach the year 2023 of the 21st century with their eyes set on the future. They are always looking for their own identity. They believe in the transformative power of rock’n’roll and they live it. This is how they have built their path.
Over the past seven years, they have played on countless stages, from underground rock clubs to larger festivals, assuming themselves as a band that thrives on dynamics and interaction with the public. As well as touring all over Portugal, they have played in France, England and, above all, Spain, where in 2019 they were awarded the Pop Eye Prize for the best Portuguese band.
They have developed collaborations with names such as Boz Boorer, Gregg Foreman, Michael Purkhiser, Ruby Ann, Raquel Ralha and Miguel Padilha.

Les Lads

(Ricardo Mariano & Tiago Castro)

Friends and route companions for many years, the two gentlemen met at Radar. Together and happily ever after since the first hour at the fortunate SBSR, we swear together under the solar calendar: radio is our first passion. Trips in the back of vans, serenades to crows, ether for two that is completely true and a chemistry of a thousand things: we’ve played records in club booths, hotel terraces, record stores, standard bars, bars-bars and even bars, music and film festivals, a “White Night” – rigorously dressed in black – need I say it was at a Dino D’Santiago concert?, weddings, christenings, birthdays and even at our house. We haven’t given up our original name, but we’ve renamed ourselves as the names of the dishes. Les Lads: you get the idea. We go from track to track to Proxima Centauri B, from the Doctor to Lupin, from Suicide to Stevie Nicks, from Boy Harsher to Fad Gadget, from Roxy Music to Rita Lee and we can either close your mouth with “Take My Breathe Away” by Berlin or resurrect you with “Dead Mantra” by Dead Skeletons.

Les Lads, to dance to: always!”

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