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— Mariana Tengner Barros


© Márcio Canabarro
© Márcio Canabarro

From June 27 to 30, 7pm, at Sociedade Musical Ordem e Progresso.
On June 29th, at 7pm, with audio description.

Finishing the creative process – which went through several residencies, two of which with ZDB – came the long-awaited time for the premiere of THRESHOLD – the group piece in which Mariana Tengner Barros returns to dance – at the mysterious Sociedade Ordem e Progresso.

3 dance the enigma of the Cromeleque of Almendres. They dance the creatures that they are, in the fluidity of the matter of their bodies. Instant legend of 3 cosmic fires. The dance draws the unspeakable, that which can only be experienced, and only survives in the memory of those who witness it. Matter is something to be experienced, and 3 bodies flow through the timeless, invoke the absolute in the universal mother tongue: dance. Mariana Tengner Barros invites to the threshold, between the visible and the invisible. A choreography of constantly changing emotions, where the bodies of the performers reveal mysteries long dormant.

…’THRESHOLD celebrates completely hybrid and androgynous bodies, operating at different times, mixing rhythms and emotions, various entities and beings, various peculiarities of the body in motion. This piece explores the ideas of information processing and sharing around the Almendres Cromlech, one of the oldest known cromelechs in the world, older than the famous StoneHenge in the UK, equally mysterious as it is not really known what it was used for or what it was built for. It is therefore a place of threshold, where one feels the presence of another world, and where one can only imagine what it was made for and by whom. The team set out to discover what this place has to say, to the vehicles-dancers, musicians, perfomers: those who move the invisible. They went to Almendres to feel the information contained in the ancestral pen drives: the stones. They challenged themselves to decode its secrets, through the awakening of cosmic memory.’…

Mariana Tengner Barros

Choreographer, dancer and performer. Her work has been presented in several countries in Europe and South America, highlighting “The Trap” (2011, Winner of the Jardin D’Europe- Austria Audience Award), “A Power Ballad” (2013) and “Resurrection” (2017) co-creations with choreographer Mark Tompkins and “Instructions for the gods: i4gods” (2017), a 5h continuous performance for museums in collaboration with musician Pan.demi.CK. She graduated in dance from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, England (2003). She trained at the Munich Ballet Theatre, under the artistic direction of Philip Taylor (2004). Founding member of the artistic collective The Resistance Movement, in Leeds (2005). She was an associate artist of EIRA, between 2013 and 2016. She is artistic director of A BELA Associação. She is part of the band Kundalini XS and a member of the Collective/Editor Gruta.

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