Tiago Sousa

— ‘Organic Music Tapes Vol. 2’

Galeria Zé dos Bois

© Vera Marmelo

Tiago Sousa presents the second volume of his Organic Music Tapes series – published by Sucata Tapes. In this album, we find, in counterpoint with his piano compositions, a strong presence of the electric organ. This cassette edition reveals a determinedly sonic motivation, influenced by the American minimalism of the 60s, particularly Terry Riley, Steve Reich, or Philip Glass, at the same time that a new character takes over Tiago’s pianistic discourse. Here we find organic compositions, in a fluid state, forming nebulae of sounds of indeterminate contours. Tiago’s music is woven with the very fabric of life – that gives form to rivers, that reveals the shape of the veins in wood, the fiber in muscles, or the marks on a Jade stone. We are talking about spontaneous patterns, whose great virtue comes from not necessarily needing a master or engineer, irregular like the foam of the waves or a starry night, and that, in a mysterious way, exert a deep interest.

“We can be in tune with time, we can be a slave to time or we can be in total aspiration trying to catch time. There must be a forth way: to flow with time. This is the organic way. The organic music society way.” Don Cherry

Tiago Sousa

Self-taught pianist and composer, since 2006, he has built a markedly minimalist and contemporary path, especially from the release of the album Oh Sweet Solitude, Organic Music Tapes and Ripples On The Surface, just released on the Holuzam label – the latter two under the banner of organic music. Compositions that seek to express themselves through the same process as the organic patterns that form mountains, rivers, the veins of wood, or the patterns contained in a Jade stone. Hard to define, of a mysterious appeal and fascinating spontaneity.

In a particularly rich period in Tiago Sousa’s creation, Ripples On The Surface can be heard as a leap stage. Used to compose with a desire for search and discovery, in a process of constant evolution that happens in an open, shareable way, his music exists as a relatable, genuine and honest event.

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