Tiago Sousa

— 'Oh Sweet Solitude' presentation

© Vera Marmelo

The piece will take place in NOVO NEGÓCIO, being compliant with the rules of social distance provided by the DGS.
The capacity is limited and the use of a mask is mandatory.

Four years have passed since the release of his last album ‘Um Piano Nas Barricadas’. This period frames a process of reflection and study during which the self-taught musician engaged in the study of composers of erudite tradition, at the same time as he participated as an interpreter in the execution of a long-lasting piece written by Adriana Sá and another written by Marco Franco, together with the pianist Joana Gama.
The album he now presents, ‘Oh Sweet Solitude’, brings together a set of pieces for piano solo in continuity with the aesthetic path he has pursued since ‘Insónia’ (2009). The accidental, free and improvisational minimalist approach dialogues with contemporary and exploratory music, with diffuse jazz elements and with French impressionist music. To the aesthetic body permeated by the orientalist ideas of Taoism and Zen Buddhism and by the ideas of beatnicks and libertarians, one adds the ideas and themes explored by modern European existentialists.

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