Tim Bernardes – sold out

Galeria Zé dos Bois

One of the exponents of the prolific new wave on the other side of the Atlantic, Tim Bernardes is a Brazilian composer and musician, renowned as a member of the band O Terno. And if timing is sometimes everything, at a desperate time in the country, he decided to give the Brazilians and the world something as simple as it is powerful. The idea that Brazil has nothing to fear: for example, if for decades there hadn’t been such a good record, so powerful to be made in that country, for it to emerge, it was enough to start over. This is the motto which gives its name to his first solo album.

Here’s the sound Olympus that Devendra pursues so much in some themes. The perfect mulatto pop songs that Arto Lindsay has been searching for decades. The perfect bridge between Manhattan and the Paulista Avenue. A (very) subtle samba folk in the foot, as he himself admitted, songs that, even stripped of their arrangements (as happens live), give us the best Folkswagen fusca, live and in colour, in voice and on guitar. Not to be missed.

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