UNiiQU3 ⟡ Xexa ⟡ Danifox

Zé dos Bois Gallery


Hailed as the queen of New Jersey clubbing, much attention has been focused on UNIIQU3. The hedonistic spirit and the magnetism of her presence provide moments of genuine euphoria. Clearly, someone willing to evoke fire and sweat on the dance floor, signing absolutely unforgettable sets. After a couple of performances at the Boiler Room and highlights on platforms like SiriusFM or NTS, the community around him is growing, day by day. A symbol of these times of struggle, UNIIQU3 brings a perfect mindset of emancipation and freedom. But even more fundamental is that it wants to remind us of the importance of these values, both personally and collectively. A kind of universal right to get off your ass, or the timeless premise once launched by the Beastie Boys in a video that became iconic. Be it on the hard house radar or the hip hop infusions, UNIIQU3 distills an insatiable energy in each of his performances – and this will certainly be one of those nights.


Between London and Lisbon, the artist Xexa has been operating in a fabulous sound spectrum. With a fragmentary body of work across several streaming platforms, Calendário Sonoro 2021 is her first full length work. Visionary and conceptual, this mixtape is a profound and beautiful treatise to the new explorations of ambient music. Lunar trips, hazy afro-house memories, and an immense silky tone under this little cosmos of Ra. There is a lot of magic here; from the elements communicating in a sub-sonic blanket, to the voices recalling the heritage of Popul Vuh, Xexa is past, present and future.


A pillar of urban music here, Crew member Tia Maria Produções and Prince affiliate, is one of the most original of his time. Imaginative and curious, Danifox takes the coordinates of kuduro, tarraxo and house notions, to a higher plane, without restrictions or commonplaces. He finds in important elements of tradition a common thread to his searches for the exotic, sounding contemporary and presenting himself as innovative. Wonderful sound narratives filtered by the digital and guided by the driving force that emanates from the dancefloor.

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