Vampiro & DJ 420@ôa

ZDB 8 Marvila — Rua Amorim 2, 1950-022 Lisboa

This DJ set takes place on March 16th, at 11pm, after the performance NOTHING, directed by Craig Viveiros.


João Fonseca is a multidisciplinary artist who began exploring the decks in 2019 when he joined the Coletivo Lenha, where Vampiro was born. Garage, Jungle, Jersey and Footwork are some of the influences for his sets, which are always full of bootlegs for sing-along moments in the club or even for shedding a tear.

DJ 420@ôa

DJ 420@ôa and slowmo.mike are the aliases of Miguel Alves, artist, designer, producer, DJ and programmer. All these facets materialise in Coletivo Lenha, which he founded in 2019. He has releases on Coletivo Lenha, Alienação and Vitesse, among others. As a DJ, he explores everything from Disco to Trance, focusing on acid lines over explosive kicks, always accompanied by breaks.

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