Velho Homem ⟡ Manuel Dordio

Galeria Zé do Bois

Velho Homem ©Daniel Sampaio
Manuel Dordio @

Velho Homem

Velho Homem is a project recently formed by Afonso Dorido (Homem em Catarse, indignu) and Francisco Silva (Old Jerusalem, The June Carriers), the result of an artistic residency at Estúdio Perpétuo during the pandemic. Through 10 field recordings, each serving as a motto for a new song, the compositions created now set our daily lives to music, forcing us to slow down and, like the musicians during their incursions across the country, actively listen to the sounds around us.

On such an important holiday in Lusitanian history, this will be the first performance in the capital of this distinctly Portuguese project.

Manuel Dordio

Manuel Dordio is a musician from Lisbon. He often works as an accompanist for various singer-songwriters on the pop and alternative scene in Portugal. His solo music has an ambient character and is often associated with audiovisual installations and cinema. In 2020, he released his first solo album “DOR”, which he performed live with projections by Joana Linda.

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