Vessel & Pedro Maia ⟡ MMMOOONNNOOO

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Vessel & Pedro Maia

“Electronic producer & composer Seb Gainsborough (Vessel) began his career as a purveyor of left-field, bass driven electronica, using his unique sonic palate to create immersive compositions, exploring texture and tone, the organic and the man-made (…) In the live domain, the work is performed alongside acclaimed visual artist, and long time collaborator Pedro Maia, director of the masterpiece accompaniment to QOGD’s lead single Paplu. Maia creates a visual companion truly befitting of Gainsborough’s immersive, visceral, fluid musical output. Vessel, continues to be a truly singular voice, whatever his next move is, it’s likely to be unlike anything you’ll have ever heard before.”

electronics Vessel live AV Pedro Maia


“Thickly layered noise, low-slung electronics and hypnotic tripping loops, keeping an unpolished rough charm, leaving textures of sound to blend together and spread out.”

electronics MMMOOONNNOOO live AV Distorted Vision

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