segundas na z

Vicente Mateus + Zé Sousa ~ segundas na z

Galeria Zé dos Bois

© Vicente Mateus + Zé Sousa
© Vicente Mateus + Zé Sousa

~ segundas na z ~ Meetings and experimentation every Monday on the terrace at 10pm. Started by Claudia Lancaster, they continue with Laura Gama Martins.

Among cymbals, strings, bongos, skins, speakers, drumsticks, picks, metal plates, stones, guitars, pedals, and many other sonorous objects. A long evening of sharing and listening.

Vicente Mateus (1996) lives and works in Porto, has a background in visual and sound arts, and his work mainly covers fields related to sound and design, where drums and percussion are at the center. He is interested in collaborative, sharing movements with a DIY energy, using repetition and error as tools for the construction of objects, sounds, and images. Since 2022 he has been a member of the Sonoscopia Associação Cultural team.

José Sousa (1996) lives and works in Lisbon. In his work, he uses painting, drawing, and printing media to experiment with and subvert pictorial fictions and exercises. Since 2016 he has been involved in exploratory music, improvisation, and punk music. The marginality of this type of music and the nature of images as possible modes of escapism and consolidation of realities and ideals are central to his body of work.

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