Visual Arts

We Have Fun

— exhibition by primeira desordem

16.03 — 03.06.23
Livraria Zé dos Bois

March 16th 6pm

Monday to Saturday from 6pm to 10pm.

The duo primeira desordem presents ‘We Have Fun’ at Livraria Zé dos Bois, an exhibition project in which the confluence between the various personas that inhabit their universe is central. In this installation, the artistic conception spreads to other reciprocal territories, resulting in a proposal where the poetic idiosyncrasy of the duo pays tribute to the band primeira desordem. It opens on 16 March, 6 p.m., curated by Joana Leão.

primeira desordem

primeira desordem is a project by Hugo Gomes (Lisbon, 1989) and João Marques (Lisbon, 1989) that plays in the intersection between art, poetry, music and crime. The name “primeira desordem” [english: “first disorder”] comes from a skate-punk-rock band that will be assembled in a near future.

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