‘UIQ in Love, a Love of UIQ: Entre Tradução e Transdução’

— Workshop

06.06 — 08.06.13

Friday, 6 from 6pm to 9pm / Saturday and Subday, 7 and 8 from 2pm to 8pm

ZDB presents, in the first weekend of June, a workshop conducted by Graeme Thomson & Silvia Maglioni, those responsible for the recovery of the script of the French philosopher Felix Guattari Un amour de UIQ.

It will be a unique opportunity to work from this potential script, exploring the relationship between science fiction, art and philosophy.


“This workshop focuses on the science fiction argument, never filmed, by Félix Guattari: Un Amour d’UIQ. This will be treated as a potentially unstable entity, whose future is negotiated in a continuous process of translation and translation. Taking as a starting point Pasolini’s essay that considers the cinematographic script for filming as a “structure that wants to become another structure”, we will investigate the ways in which the theme of Un Amour d’UIQ itself is related to the desire of the argument to become a movie.

In Guattari’s argument, an invisible alien force from a parallel dimension – the Infra-quark universe – establishes contact with a group of humans and thus begins to desire to have a form (a face, a body) that allows him to communicate with the world of your hosts.

The objective we set ourselves is to collectively “produce” multiple versions of this film-in-construction, without filming a single scene. On the contrary, the film must take shape in a process of contamination / contagion by translating / transducing the script’s DNA into mental images that can be communicated between the group and that will constitute the components of the virtual projection of the work in progress. The translation / transduction of the argument will also mean the temporal transposition (from the 80s to the present) and the rethinking of its political and cultural contexts in relation to those of the participants / transducers and their stories, fables or futures. ”

* The film In Search of UIQ by the directors Graeme Thomson & Silvia Maglioni will be shown on Saturday the 7th at 22h

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