Xiu Xiu plays “Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees”

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Xiu Xiu are one of the most successful avant-garde groups at the moment. Since 2000 they have been composing experimentalism embedded in noise and in 2016 they released the album Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, a reinvention of the soundtrack of the mythical television series that left half the world perplexed.

Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees is a masterpiece filled with surreal violence, madness, animal sexual manipulation and, despite this or other reasons, remarkably beautiful. The Xiu Xiu have assimilated the beauty of Japanese film and put it on stage, music it. In this film-concert, Americans resort to gongs, cymbals, bells, hunting cries, percussion prepared with industrial touch, drums and electronics.

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