Yousuke Yukimatso ⟡ Novo Major

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Yousuke Yukimatsu

A half-forgotten metropolis with almost 3 million inhabitants, Osaka has a punk, incendiary and non-conformist spirit in its streets and alleys, which has given rise to meliant people like the Boredoms, Disabled or Afrirampo, and it is on this same trail of music that Yousuke Yukimatsu walks, little in line with canons. A DJ in a deflagration trajectory that has caused astonishment where he performs, with a very iconoclastic and risky view of dance rules.

Novo Major

An inseparable name for the revelation of past and present music that projects a future and gains eternity, Zé Moura has been assuming since the end of the 80s an indelible role of conscious and passionate dissemination that passes through radio, press, programming and, of course, djing.

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