segundas na z

A aldeia adormece… ~ segundas na z

— de Diogo Gonçalves + NPCMUSIC(2018)

Galeria Zé dos Bois

© Diogo Gonçalves
© Diogo Gonçalves
© Diogo Gonçalves

~ segundas na z ~ Encontros e experimentação, todas as segundas-feiras, no terraço, às 22h. Iniciadas por Claudia Lancaster, continuam com Laura Gama Martins.

“…the distance in time between the painting of the picture and one’s act of looking at it…”
– Ways of Seeing, John Berger

“Nevertheless it was a roof over my head. I rested on a bed of ferns, gathered at great labour with my own hands. One day I couldn’t get up. The cow saved me. Goaded by the icy mist she came in search of shelter. It was probably not the first time. She can’t have seen me. I tried to suck her, without much success. Her udder was covered with dung. I took off my hat and, summoning all my energy, began to milk her into it. The milk fell to the ground and was lost, but I said to myself, No matter, it’s free. She dragged me across the floor, stopping from time to time only to kick me. I didn’t know our cows could be so inhuman. She must have recently been milked. Clutching the dug with one hand I kept my hat under it with the other. But in the end she prevailed. For she dragged me across the threshold and out into the giant streaming ferns, where I was forced to let go.
As I drank the millk I reaproached myself with what I had done. I could no longer count on this cow and she would warn the others. More master of myself I might have made a friend of her. She would have come every day, perhaps accompanied by other cows. I might have learnt to make butter, even cheese. But I said to myself, No, all is for the best.”
– The end, Samuel Beckett

“… What we make of that painted moment when it is before our eyes depends upon what we expect of art, and that in turn depends today upon how we have already experienced the meaning of paintings…”
– Ways of Seeing, John Berger

Didi: Uva
Tomás: Amora
Fábiu: Melancia
Frã: Uva (verde)

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