AfroBaile with Jorge Rosa ⟡ CelesteMariposa

Galeria Zé dos Bois

AfroBaile is the cultural celebration of the PALOP, the most visible part of CelesteMariposa, intending to gather all its musical heritage. It is the result of intense research, since 2009, which allowed not only to accumulate study material (records, cassettes, CDs, books and friends) but also a deeper knowledge of the history and structure of the hundreds of musical styles of the PALOP, their dances, ginga, customs, dialects and concerns! In February we continue the CelesteMariposta residence at ZDB. Periodically we will welcome the best AfroBailes and for this demand, there will be a concert by Angolan Jorge Rosa and closing the night a DJ set.

Jorge Rosa

Jorge Rosa aka Jô Rosa, is one of the most emblematic musicians in Angola, having an activist nature for his fervor in making known to the world the history of his country and its people whose musical and cultural wealth is immense. Jorge Rosa is the nephew of Sofia Rosa, one of the most prominent figures in the history of Angolan music sung in the Kimbundu national language. Through her songs and lyrics Sofia Rosa tells the life of the people, their daily lives, really poor and massacred by the current colonialist and oppressive regime.

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