Peter Evans “Som Crescente” ⟡ ZONA: Peter Evans, João Barradas e Demian Cabaud

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Peter Evans “Som Crescente”

After four Editions of his artistic residency “Som Crescente” at Galeria Zé dos Bois, Peter Evans does a sort of condensed version of all the work he developed there, inviting some of the musicians that were present in the previous sessions. His idea was to create a “school of experimental music”, to support and promote local music getting musicians from different areas in contact and providing future musicians with the chance to get a taste of the real world in the different areas of music creation. The workshop “Som Crescente” covered a wide spectrum of approaches, from free improvisation, contemporary music, jazz or bebop to electronic. Organized in a way that allows us to catch a glimpse of this creative process, the six musicians chosen by Evans will be conducted by himself, entering in a very particular and private space and time.

electronics João Carlos Pinto trumpet João Costa e de Almeida saxophone João Gato drums João Valinho bass José Almeida trumpet Peter Evans piano Samuel Gapp

ZONA: Peter Evans, João Berradas and Demian Cabaud

A strange formation, the union between Peter Evan’s trumpet, João Barradas’s accordion and Demian Cabaud’s double-bass, will perform for the first time on this stage. The encounter between these three figures with very distinct but acclaimed paths in the world of jazz, improvisation and contemporary music sets the stakes remarkably high.

Evans has been one of the most active and acclaimed trumpet players of the last two decades. In a fascinating path, always open to new possibilities, some of which leading him to collaborate with countless other musicians, Evans has been building a musical language using sentences that carry his own mark in a very profound way. Barradas is an accordionist who has won several awards and has a unique curriculum that mixes jazz and composition. He has released two albums – “Solo I” and “Portrait” – which have been acclaimed by many in an unprecedented way, especially considering his instrument of choice. Cabaud is an Argentinian double-bass player that has been living in Portugal since 2004 and whose musical collaboration network is remarkably vast, ranging from Lee Konitz and Mário Laginha to his presence in the Orquestra Jazz Matosinhos.

trumpet Peter Evans accordion João Barradas double bass Damien Cabaud

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