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Luís Severo

Being one of the sturdiest songwriters in the country, Luís Severo has been building his path calmly, on a day to day basis, without the temptation of quick success, and always focused on writing a repertory that can last for posterity. Years have passed since his early recordings as Cão da Morte, then came the self-titled album in 2017 and now last year brought us his third album, “O Sol Voltou”, completely unannounced.

Bringing fresh knowledge into his words, with his very particular writing, he welcomed electronic in the acoustic heart of his songs in this new release “O Sol Voltou”, generating a limbo full of harmony where the title (in English: The Sun Came Back) keeps on echoing and reminding us of its aestival melancholy. He is a young man with a firm voice, his composition is sweet and prodigious. Severo will be playing with the new formation of his band, the usual accomplices Diogo Rodrigues and Bernardo Álvares, and the most recent member Catarina Branco. This is the opportunity to hear them live for the first time.

guitar and voice Luís Severo drums Diogo Rodrigues bass and double bass Bernardo Álvares voice and organ Catarina Branco

Selma Uamusse

Selma Uamusse is a Mozambican singer who has been living in Portugal for a long time and has a vast musical experience having participated in projects as distinct as WrayGunn, Cacique 97. Rodrigo Leão, Souldivers, Selma Uamusse Nu Jazz Ensemble, but has also collaborated with a vast network of artists beyond music, in the fields of cinema, theatre and visual arts. As a solo artist, she has released the album “Mati” in 2018, where she explored the organic encounter she had with her roots in Mozambique, which was very clear in her lyrics, in the rhythms and in the use of traditional musical instruments, or even in the influence of electronic, one of the many realms that have interested her throughout years of listening and singing.

With her very own and particular identity, recognizing her past and wondering about the future, with her new release just around the corner “Liwoningo” – meaning “light” in chope, a native Mozambican language – produced by Guilherme Kastrup – who also produces Elza Soares’ music. Selma Uamusse will be officially presenting this work, full of honest and pan-global music, in the Open-air Amphitheatre for the first time.

voice Selma Uamusse rhoddes, loops, bass Augusto Macedo percussion, timbila, congas, kalimba Nataniel Melo drums, backing vocals Gonçalo Santuns guitar, backing vocals Gonçalo Sarmento Light Miguel Ramos + Nuno Salsinha/Tela Negra

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