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Foto da rodagem de ‘O Espelho’ de Andreï Tarkovsky

The Free School activity takes place on Mondays at 6.30pm. Participation in the classes is by prior registration from the website, through subscription to the newsletter.

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Playing St. Thomas, St. John of the Cross and Jesus
with João Maria Carvalho, Paulo Sarmento and Tomás Maia
March 27, 2023 (Monday) 6:30pm

Echoing recent lectures by João Maria Carvalho and Tomás Maia, Paulo Sarmento evokes, in his own way, a “micro-declosure” of Christianity. A “not-what-if” will lead this three-voice essay to make the raising (the resurrection) of bodies – in life – heard once again.

For those who prefer an online presence we leave a Google Meet link:
https://meet.google.com/fbt-umwa-xjv (1st hour)
https://meet.google.com/yfy-mprb-vtd (2nd hour)
https://meet.google.com/mzp-dity-jmj (3rd hour)


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