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Inland Journal

— Launch and talk with the authors of the new editions

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Next Friday, December 16th, starting at 6pm, we will have the launch of new editions of Inland Journal. Judite Dos Santos, Cristina Mateus, Gabriela VP, and Daniel Barroca are the edited artists. Starting at 7pm, we will have the opportunity to talk and listen to the sound project by Marçal dos Campos (João Marçal).

Inland Journal

Inland Journal is an independent publication, based in Portugal, created in 2015 by the artists André Cepeda and Eduardo Matos and dedicated to the publication of artists’ writings.

Inland is interested in publishing texts and writings that bring to light the relationships between artist and writing, art, literature, and thought, in a comprehensive and subjective sense. We seek to know more about their objects and artistic projects, what artists think, and what they are doing, in their own words.

The site is a digital platform, which aims at building a critical space around artists’ writings and developing an open and collaborative editorial work.



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