Marco Franco with Joana Gama and Tiago Sousa ⟡ CALHAU! with Vasco Alves

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian ⟡ Open-Air Amphitheatre

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Marco Franco with Joana Gama e Tiago Sousa

This is the second live performance of this trio that started playing together following the composition work of Marco Franco previously recorded solo in the album “Mudra”, where he revealed the lyricism of his piano playing, in pieces where beauty is suspended, guided by the steps of Satie and Debussy, but with a personal signature. With this triangle in sight, Franco on the piano, Joana Gama playing the celesta and Tiago Sousa the harmonium, the project follows its path and gets deeper into the nature of a composition that becomes clearer but remains defying, when this trinity of very particular instruments is reunited and establishes a dialogue.

Three resolute composers of our time – each one with a very personal language and a vast curriculum between solo activity and collaborations – come together as if they are triangulating a dream of harmonic possibilities for the three very distinct keyboards they hold, working their approach and building shapes, leading the music with grace and intuition towards a plateau for contemplation.

piano Marco Franco celeste Joana Gama bellows harmonium Tiago Sousa

CALHAU! com a participação de Vasco Alves

It is under the name (Von) Calhau! that Marta Ângela and João Alves have found a way to express something of their own. For over a decade, they have been distilling reality and whatever may be beyond it, in a continuous artistic project which is, in the end, their own life. Like few, they explore linguistic delimitations of sounds and words coming from the popular imaginary or from sci-fi narratives. They do it in between the four walls of a gallery, or on a stage. In the stream of their activity we are now taken to an exoplanet named “TAU TAU”. There is a new record in the collection of sound tapes of the Calhau! ship and it was made in collaboration with Vasco Alves. The artist, who will also be part of this live performance, develops a work that explores the material nature of sound through electronic instability and puts the bagpipes in the centre of his practice defying the physical limits of the instrument and realizing its impact in space.

“TAU TAU” is an electronic delirium where Marta’s voice assumes different morphologies among João’s broken sculptures with a set off ineffable narratives. Those who have seen them live before know that every concert is a unique moment, impossible to replicate. Being able to dwell on these lessons, exercises and rituals for the first time is an irrefusable invitation.

voice, paua Marta Von Calhau electronic João Von Calhau Bagpipes Vasco Alves

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