Onde está o Pessoa?

— film-essay by Leonor Areal

Galeria Zé do Bois

Sessions with the presence of the director.

Onde está o Pessoa?, filme-ensaio de Leonor Areal

In this audiovisual essay, Leonor Areal invites the viewer to look in detail at a centenary film and at the dozens of people who appear outside a concert, most of them men, in full suit and hat, many with a mustache. What if Fernando Pessoa is among the crowd? The movie investigates this possibility. The viewer will find an answer.

Lisbon, 1913. On Sunday afternoons, there is a symphony concert. The audience leaves the theater and comes across a camera filming them. Few manage to ignore it. Showing different attitudes, some try to highlight their presence, others are more elusive.

Based on close observation of people’s reactions to the unexpected (and then rare) event of being filmed, this audiovisual essay reflects on the relationship between individuals and the movie camera, reproducing the journey of discovery and analysis of these archival images.

The film reveals unpublished moving images of Fernando Pessoa, as well as of about twenty well-known personalities of the time, including Amadeo de Sousa Cardoso, António Ferro, António Silva, Augusto Ferreira Gomes, Eduardo Viana, Ernesto Vieira, Florbela Espanca, Jorge Barradas, Stuart Carvalhais.

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