segundas na z

TACTOTEXTO ~ segundas na z

— by Francis de Assis + Fernando Miguel Oliveira

Galeria Zé dos Bois

A CADEIRA ©Francis de Assis
Francis de Assis e Fernando Miguel Oliveira

~ segundas na z ~ Meetings and experimentation every Monday on the terrace at 10pm. Started by Claudia Lancaster, they continue with Laura Gama Martins.

TACTOTEXTO is a curve between experiments with words, symbolism, and objects. The natural matter of the earth that shelters us and to which we are slowly witnessing the end serves as a support and the remaining sensoriality of the human approaches in search of any form of calm.

Brazilian-Syrian archivist Francis de Assis also presents the latest video work “The Chair”, in collaboration with artists Saif Fradj (Sousse, Tunisia) and Gabriel Valério de Arruda (São Paulo, Brazil).

TACTOTEXTO ends with an improvised sound performance alongside the artist Fernando Miguel Oliveira (Coimbra, Portugal).

Francis de Assis, 1991, Brazilian-Syrian archivist, graduated in Cinema from the Belo Horizonte Institute of Communication & Arts in 2016. He works on poetics and techniques between image-sound-word, seeking the rise of the human horizontal sense through in-depth research into colonised, marginalised peoples and the migrant body. Founder of ARQIVO&PESQISA, a platform for disseminating and programming independent cinema, and member of the sound projects beirasbordas, PATALONGA & Sons of Salahhudin.

Fernando Miguel Oliveira, 1982, multidisciplinary artist born in Coimbra, Portugal. He studied jazz at the Luís Villas Boas School and theatre at the Círculo de Iniciação Teatral da Academia de Coimbra – CITAC. Collaborator in various sound projects in Portuguese territories and performer in the show “PROCESSO 8868”, winner of the Fatal Cidade de Lisboa 2024 award.

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