Foreign Strangers

— film screening with Gabriela Giffoni, Leonardo Mouramateus and Ian Capillé

ZDB 8 Marvila — Praça David Leandro da Silva 2, 1950-131 Lisboa

Eco de um soco no Osso por Gabriela Giffoni
Meio Ano Luz por Leonardo Mouramateus
O rio e seu labirinto por Ian Capillé

The Foreign Strangers session bring together three short films directed by Gabriela Giffoni, Leonardo Mouramateus, and Ian Capillé, Brazilians who have lived in Lisbon for years. If, on the one hand, the films have as their narrative field certain perceptions, suspensions, and shocks of those who ‘arrived later’ in a place, on the other, each film plays with the strangeness of inhabiting new spaces, which metamorphoses into a temporal strangeness. Narratives that play with times that rub against each other, bump into each other, carry lapses, folds, labyrinths – and invest in a discontinuous, phantasmagorical, and confused perception of a situation. Session with the presence of the directors, followed by a DJ set by Dj Recibos Verdes.



Echo of a punch on the bone
Portugal, 2021, 24′ | Directed by Gabriela Giffoni

Nina is due to return to her home country after two years of living abroad. The day before her flight, she has dinner with friends, during which stories are told about this group of foreigners in the new country. The next morning, on the day of the trip, Nina experiences a nightmare.


Half a Light-Year
Portugal, Brazil, 2021, 18’55’ | Directed by Leonardo Mouramateus

A boy sits on a busy Lisbon street to draw the people passing by. Not far away, a couple chat about the origin of a wallet found months before. The light of one moment is reflected on the other.


The river and the labyrinth
Brazil, Portugal, 2023, 23′ | Directed by Ian Capillé

On one side of the Tagus River, Clara has just moved into her new flat. On the other, a man wanders the night. As time passes, both banks slowly merge, and what seems left behind in the past may always be waiting in the future.

Gabriela Giffoni

(Rio de Janeiro, 1994) is a director, creator and screenwriter. In her films, as well as in her dramaturgy for theatre, Gabriela has worked in different forms of autofiction. Her films and stories take place in a hybrid field between the documentary and the fictional narrative form. Her experience as a playwright and her parallel training in theatre and performance greatly influence the way she thinks about processes, productions, and working with actors. Her short films ‘Killing me Softly’ (2020) and ‘Eco de um soco no osso’ (2021), which were screened at festivals such as IndieLisboa, Curta Cinema, and Caminhos do Cinema Português, are examples of this and also present two other themes common to her projects: on the one hand, characters in a situation of moving to another country, immigration, feeling foreign and, on the other, the ‘strange’ representation of the passing of time. Her most recent project, the feature film ‘Estranho, estranho, estranho’ (Strange, strange, strange), is being tutored by Argentinian director Matías Piñeiro. Gabriela has a degree in Audiovisual (from UFRJ) and specialisations in Film Creation (from the Elías Querejeta Film School) and Literature (from the New University of Lisbon). As a scriptwriter, she has signed projects for Amazon, HBO, Globoplay, and RTP. She is a member of MUTIM – Women Workers of Moving Images.

Leonardo Mouramateus

(Fortaleza, 1991) is a Brazilian director, playwright and screenwriter based in Lisbon since 2014. He is studying for a PhD in Performing Arts and the Moving Image at the University of Lisbon/Polytechnic Institute, and has a Master’s degree in Multimedia Art from FBAUL (where he received the Faculty of Fine Arts/Caixa Geral de Depósitos Award). He has been working in permanent contact with the Performing Arts and Dance Dramaturgy since 2010, having directed films screened at festivals all over the world such as Locarno, Viennale, IDFA, Cinéma du Réel and Bafici. Retrospectives of his work have been shown in France (Cinemateca Francesa), Colombia, and the Netherlands (Rotterdam Festival). ‘António Um Dois Três’ (2017), a Portuguese-Brazilian co-production and his first feature film, premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival. ‘Life is Two Days’ (2022), his second feature, premiered in the international competition at FIDMarseille, where it received an honourable mention. ‘Greice’, his third feature, premiered in 2024, also at the Rotterdam Film Festival.

Ian Capillé

(1991) is an editor and filmmaker. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he currently lives in Lisbon, where he completed a master’s degree on realism and ghosts in cinema, under the guidance of Susana de Sousa Dias. He has edited films for directors such as Maria Clara Escobar, Leonardo Mouramateus, Diogo Baldaia, Helena Estrela, Yuri Firmeza, and Gabriela Giffoni. Ian is the founder of Filmes Fantasma, a company he shares with Gabriela Giffoni for the production and distribution of their films, which have been screened and awarded prizes at festivals in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, Greece, Japan, the UK and the USA. He is also one of the founders of Laboratório da Cave, an artists’ collective for learning and working with 16mm film and analogue cinema, and a member of CORTE – the Portuguese Association of Film and Audiovisual Editors. He likes dogs and long walks.

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