Inês Malheiro — Lançamento de ‘deusa náusea’ ⟡ apneia

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Inês Malheiro ©Beatriz Blasi
apneia ©Sara Tralha

Inês Malheiro

Surprising. This is how one describes the nature of following the work that Inês Malheiro, from Braga, has been developing lately. Like an unconscious antidote to the speed of the outside world, her music breathes sonic enchantment, immersed in the micro-existences of a rarefied and agglutinating electronic of several possible fragments, from rock to jazz. With a path closely linked to dance, his compositions transmit an uncertain movement of inquiry and call, giving forms to the sound space he imagines and thus recreates.

The transversality of the voice assumes itself as a major tool. It flows like a river in a rugged landscape, between shadow and light, seeking real ascension; there is something bucolic and in which silence takes on vital importance – as an active part of the creative process. It achieves a certain intimacy with the listener through onomatopoeias, captured sounds, and deeply hallucinatory songs. The sound then becomes corporeal, next to the skin.

Liquify, spread and float summed up much of this. A record released this summer on Carimbo Porta-Jazz, it is a pertinent and wonderful piece to emerge in this 2022, resulting from a performance at the Guimarães Jazz Fest. The quasi-meditative state of the three themes here brings an invitation to some of the most essential explorative music being produced here. deusa náusea is the next installation in Malheiro’s discography, who is now presenting this new work live for the first time. NA


apneia is a project composed by Guilherme Rodrigues and Tomé Silva, in which the aquatic submersion of a sopranino saxophone is explored. The characteristics of this relationship are amplified and influenced by Tomé’s hand, which captures the saxophone/water sound and returns it manipulated. A work that has been under construction since the initial moment, motivated by an invitation from Miguel Abras for a solo concert of Guilherme at Cosmos, in June 2022.

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