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Return to the natural habitat of this ensemble’s stage celebration after more than a year of silence. An entity oriented towards the supremacy of the groove, as postulated by luminaries such as Fela Kuti, Ornette Coleman via Prime Time or The Roots as a portal for the elevation of the word as the power of voices such as Last Poets or Linton Kwesi Johnson. Afrobeat, funk, jazz, dub and other strains of Afro-futuristic cosmology reflected in the here and now of this and other cities by the minds of Yaw Tembe (trumpet and voice), Sebastião Bergmann (drums), André David (guitar), Pedro Monteiro (bass) and David Menezes (percussion). In good time. BS

Marcelo dos Reis

Release of the album Glaciar

Continuation of Marcelo dos Reis’s tour around his celebrated Glaciar, solo record released this year through his recently created Miria Records. A very present name in the meanders of jazz and improvisation over the last decade in groups such as Fail Better!, Chamber 4 or In Layers, surrounded by musicians with a firm imprint on the European circuit, Marcelo dos Reis has been polishing a guitar language that is carried on the libertarian wind of jazz but recognizes in it doors for the entry of inflections from folk, rock and tunings from various latitudes – Indian ragas, Brazilian heat, etc. In this flow, ‘Glaciar’ appears as his most revealing work so far, less given to jazz turns and insisting placidly and slowly on a lyricism full of space, given to contemplation, very much in tune with the residence in the Alps that gave birth to it. BS

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