Rafael Toral Space Sextet

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Space Sextet is an expanded version of the quartet of the same name, in a way a “miracle” because it is based on the impossible. A discourse of abstract electronics that decides to “speak” the human language from jazz. The melodic phrasing is articulated using resources like feedback, which could not be less appropriate but could hardly be freer. Rafael Toral continually rethinks music and specializes in this instrumental practice as an exploration of the notions of space and silence. Since the seminal Space (2006), his feedbacks are shaped by noise, rock, ambient, and electronic references, inspired by the thought of “space” pioneers like Bill Dixon or Miles Davis.

This atypical electronic music has maximum expression in Space Sextet, which owes its fluidity to the compositional intelligence, inventiveness, clarity, attentive listening, and openness between genres that are common to the experienced Hugo Antunes (double bass), Nuno Morão (drums) and Nuno Torres (alto saxophone and electronic instrument), joined by Yaw Tembe (trumpet) and Riccardo D. Wanke (electric piano).

In the peculiar mechanics of the Space Sextet, music unfolds in a continuous flow and movement of renewal, unfolds in new places in spirit and matter, from jazz-rock to ambient and, according to Rafael Toral, “singing standards from another planet”.

Space Sextet presents itself in its debut and in the wake of the publication of Under the Sun (live) and Directions, a studio album published by Clean Feed (both records by Space Quartet).

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