Inês Malheiro

— ZDB at Casa da Cultura, Setúbal

Casa da Cultura, Setúbal - Sala José Afonso

© Nuno Martins

ZDB's monthly programming residency at Casa da Cultura, Setúbal.

Inês Malheiro creates sound narratives using voice as raw material, whether improvised or premeditated – recycling, broken voices and dismembered songs. “The endless chaos has an end” is the series of songs she started creating in 2018. In parallel to his solo work, he released “liquify, spread and float” (2022), an improvised live album-performance, created the sound design for “Práticas Laboriosas do Enxofre” (2022), an exhibition project created by the Corisca Collective, released Canal-Conduto (2020) with Gonçalo Penas and presented “Organismus Kathársis”, co-creation with Francisca Marques, at Lisboa Soa.

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