kaptcha ⟡ SASHA THEFT – ‘Amphibian Intermission’ launch

— Ndr0n (live) ⟡ ketia ⟡ Kerox

Zé dos Bois Gallery

artwork by postmodern_b0t

kaptcha is a collective & artistic platform founded by ketia, Sasha Theft, Kerox, quendera & David – a bunch of cybersluts kinky towards the inability to tell humans and computers apart. The collective was conceived within the last 3 years of kit ket rave events in Lisbon and aims to create a worldwide network of artists, babes and angels for sharing and receiving vibrations through sound, community, love and redemption, functioning as a medium to hold space for other projects that don’t exclusively relate to nightlife.
while clubs and parties were opening across Europe in the summer of 2021, the Lisbon rave scene slept like there was no tomorrow to wake up to: SASHA THEFT stood awake reminiscing on the times that gatherings brought nothing but pure joy to their spirit. with the aid of an old and heavy laptop, ‘Amphibian Intermission’ was born by symbiotically joining these feelings to the need for self-expression in less physical strategies twined with rookie playfulness.
‘Amphibian Intermission’ is the manifestation of a sentimental rave; a hybrid between blissful sounds that transport you to the 90s and a construction that could only result from our current days. a 40-minutes experience that seem to go by in a blink of an eye, with each track materializing a different sonic landscape that cohabit the same ecosound
system. willingly refusing to abide to genres, ‘Amphibian Intermission’ stands as a paraphernalia of rave music.
On the 18th of March 2022, SASHA THEFT and comrades Ndr0n, ketia & Kerox will celebrate ‘Amphibian Intermission’ LP on what will be the first gathering of the new label & collective in Lisboa.


SASHA THEFT in a non-binary producer and track selector based in Lisboa. Brewed in the hard dungeons of Fontória and refined by the smooth cushions of Mise en Scène. SASHA THFT describes their taste as apophenic cacophony that unravels in dream-like sequences of sound. From this one you can expect strong amphibious rhythms and sweet hypnotising melodies that will make you ascend into a cloud of your own best rave wishes. A sonic expression that knows no barriers between genres and makes you feel the unity of sound.


Ndr0n is the digital mask that accompanies Afonso Proença. Born and raised in Lisbon, Ndr0n always orbited through free parties and dnb raves that lead to his above all belief: bass. In London, Ndr0n not only sharpened his eardrums by serving as sound technician for some local bar, but also made the connections between 0s and 1s stuck in his head. This joint skillset unraveled in pure sonic experimentation that culminated in the co
creation of Postcarbon Collective. Now back in Lisbon, with a keen sense of self, Ndr0n dabbles between modular synthesis and live-coding, producing music that seems compiled from an AI’s motherboard.


A true prodigy in all senses, Kerox showed easiness with creating broken electric glitch breaks taking Lisbon by storm with his first release. Starting with ‘Sarna’ (tape, 2019) Kerox grew into Lisbon’s clubbing & electronic scene by being a regular at different releases by labels, collectives & artists such as suspension (mina’s side label), Intera, Circa A.D, kaptcha, Odete’s ‘Amarração’ and BLEID’s ‘Slowly Changing Dimensions’ EP’s. His musical selection and narratives are out-worldly and has left the OG’s of the Lisbon scene shazaming and track id-ing every single time he touches the CDJs at different parties and events from kit ket Lisbon raves, Boiler Room hard dance series to Príncipe Discos nights. Stringing along effortlessly countless amounts of references going from freaky batida, pop nostalgia to a more broken, hard dancefloor madness, Kerox keeps it cohesive and understandable, creating his own communication form and worlds of meanings that allow new things to be understood.


ketia is a no good doer known for their infamous kit ket events in Lisbon and a co founder of their label and collective kaptcha.
easily enticed by syncopated drums and twisted rhythms, they thrive on genre bending beats connected through vocal infused tracks that allow for unique storytelling.

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