Visual Arts

‘Tesourelha’ Listening and Sound Arts Workshop

— Von Calhau! / BoCA Bienal

02.10 — 03.10.21
Galeria Zé dos Bois

The Von Calhau! are the duo Marta Ângela and João Alves, who have been developing a fruitful collaborative work in the areas of music and visual arts, with multiple ramifications and crossovers. Whether in concerts, performances, exhibitions, installations, videos or a contamination of these genres, their identity is to be artists, creators, intermediaries between the dimension of the unknown and the materialization, even through the ephemerality of the performing arts, of something that giver birth in the world, even if keeping an enigmatic expression.

Using these different media and constantly exploring the miscegenation of references and elements from the most different extractions, the Von Calhau! they have been building an imaginary and a cosmogony of their own, esoteric and syncretic, from which they question our condition in the world, while at the same time investigating the meaning of collaboration inherent in everything they do.

In the workshop “Tesourelha”, the artists propose to form a listening group with the participants. During the two intensive days of the workshop, four listening sessions will take place, lasting 2h30 each. Each of the sessions will correspond to listening accompanied by a composition of sounds. No image. Each of the compositions will have as reference each of the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air.

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