Luís Vicente Trio

— launch of 'Come Down Here'

Galeria Zé dos Bois

Free entrance for ZDB associates.

In a reflection of the constant relevance of his ongoing activity over the years, Luís Vicente returns to the ZDB stage to present ‘Come Down Here’, the third album by the trio he has led for over a decade. Keeping the same line-up as the previous ‘Chanting In The Name Of’ from 2021, with Gonçalo Almeida on double bass and Pedro Melo Alves on drums, the trumpeter establishes his language as a performer and composer in music that finds in jazz forms of lyrical, timbral and textural exploration that are, with each movement, more and more his own. Of course, the role that both Almeida and Melo Alves play in this gestalt is undeniable, given the harmony generated by the triangulation and their own riding, musicians who are also unstoppably active and have an inexhaustible sense of discovery. The number of ventures and formations spawned by these three in the most diverse contexts is countless: Fail Better!, In Layers, Clocks and Clouds, The Selva, The Attic, MOORIS, The Rite of Trio and so on, in a myriad of languages ranging from jazz, free improvisation, bastard rock and chamber music.

From all this knowledge comes a disc that is as interested in discovery as it is confident in its enunciations. Compositions with room for freedom but full in their approach, which are both restrained – Nascente – and circular polyrhythms full of lyricism – Mandei Caiar o Meu Sobrado – vibrant moments of swing – Come Down Here – mysterious low key landscapes – Penumbra – and moments of greater expansiveness – Novo – in a document that contributes greatly to the liveliness of the jazz scene here. BS

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