Rabu Mazda & Friends

— 'Bindi' launch party

Galeria Zé dos Bois

© Sara Zita Correia
Maria Reis e Júlia Reis
Lourenço Crespo e Sallim
© Charleine Boeiro

⟡ Lourenço Crespo & Sallim
⟡ Maria Reis & Júlia Reis
⟡ Rabu Mazda
⟡ Domatrice dj set

Embodiment of the ultimate good wave, Leonardo Bindilatti has been as uncomplicated as he is honest in his way of doing well everything he gets into. Drummer of Putas Bêbadas, half of Iguanas, responsible for the sound of Pega Monstro or Gume records, and central figure of Cafetra Records, the musician now based in Barreiro released late last year what is his first album of real songs as Rabu Mazda. Following two EP’s thrown into the track – Todo Mundo Sabe via 40% Foda/Maneiríssimo and Tá Sempre Pegando Fogo on Discos Extendes – Bindi collects 11 meshes of luminous aura where Bindilatti tcp Leio tcp Bindi’s voice and words take on that experience of good omen and caring all around – hence the name for the album. The footwork, baile funk and beat vibes of previous beasts are now part of a trippy song-shaped haze where the prat and tarolas of trap, synth cascades, R&b hooks and miami bass detonations simmer in the technicolour of Mannie Fresh productions circa 98-02. Bora lá pulls things off like a mantra and from there it’s all very memorable, made up of bits of daily toil and natural expectations of one who carries the weight of mundane things with natural optimism – all in favor as opposed to these tense days. Album-celebration that passes here to the stage in a family wide-view party – Maria and Julia Reis (and it’s been too long since we heard her!), Lourenço Crespo and Sallim, with dj set by Domatrice tcp Rudi Brito tcp another great of brave positivism composing the track. “Mazda life is just like that, positive all the way”. BS

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