Rodrigo Amado & Chris Corsano

Galeria Zé do Bois

©Vera Marmelo

Return to Aquarius of this incendiary duo, germinated within the quartet formed by these two luminaries with Kent Kessler and Joe McPhee, six years after their celebrated passage and already with a lot of road in communion and an album in between. Released by the ever more present Astral Spirits in 2019, ‘No Place To Fall’ creates a constant gravitational space, in close replication with its title, in a symbiotic hit between Amado’s increasingly personal and full of solutions breath and Corsano’s cleavages, propulsion and abstraction: moments of encounter and escape, harmony, texture and of course, the fire that keeps this music always alive. Improvisers in a state of grace, in a format postulated by ‘Interstellar Space’ or the ‘Duo Exchange’ with Rashied Ali in spiritual and physical connection to John Coltrane and Frank Lowe, respectively, and which was for years worked on by Corsano in his celebrated duo with Paul Flaherty, who through records such as ‘The Hated Music’ and ‘The Beloved Music’ definitively revealed to Amado the whole world of possibilities opened up by Corsano.

People already revered in these texts and, obviously, at ZDB, both Amado and Corsano dispel any tendency to conformism, working with a pertinence and vision and sense of discovery that does not end with their recognized laurels. In other words, Amado remains one of the most important saxophonists in Europe and Corsano a drummer who treads vast ground, from the most bastardized rock, to free improvisation or jazz in a way that is always as unpredictable as it is his. Tireless minds in open space. BS

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