Galeria Zé dos Bois

The concert will take place at the Aquário, being compliant with the rules of social distancing. Capacity is limited and the use of masks is mandatory.

Carincur, transdisciplinary artist, develops work of exploratory nature, configuring itself in hybrid formats between performance, electronic and experimental music, audiovisual installations, sound sculptures and electroacoustic instruments, among others.
In recent years, she has investigated and developed her practice and research as a dynamic event through symbolic experiences that fold the socio-technical fabrics where the image of the human (normative) is woven in a hybrid work with technology. Passing through themes such as fiction/reality, electronic/organic and human subjectivity. Through the quadrinomial space/body/voice/machine as main plastic materials, she explores acoustic phenomena, auditory and visual perception, voice as a synthesis device, humanoid vocal capacity and the creation of post-human voices, used to understand the transitions between organic and electronic bodies, where any new additions of “external” technology, are seen as extensions of the body. carincur is part of collectives and projects such as ZABRA records, a multidisciplinary label for experimental electronic music; YUUTS RUOY, a platform dedicated to the archive of emerging art in Portugal; Spectrum Awareness, an audiovisual project with João Pedro Fonseca and João Valinho.

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