DayDream Re:loaded

— princess b2b Nests ⟡ frost.y ⟡ B4ICRY2 ⟡ 2heaven x noxsar ⟡ floraa ⟡ Diepretty Mercédes ⟡ MIZU x BLEACH MANE ⟡ luviaswitch

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DayDream Re:Loaded
Diepretty Mercédes

After the first impact, DayDream XD (DDXD) reopens the portal full of sonic landscapes sculpted by internet portuguese users surfing the Lisbon underground scene.

Connecting the cultural digital romance scene to the stage.


A prodigious producer and a central base of the Portuguese ethereal trap imaginary, anchor of the musical terrains on which Frost.y delivers his talents in his work, Princess reveals himself with each new production as a multiple and promising talent – he conjures glacial tundras “ambient pop” sparkling with the same ease that he composes sweet melodies or industrial trap. More than a promising talent, it would be difficult to imagine in 2023 the “soundcloud rap” movement in Portugal, without Princess matrimonially immersed in it. Princess’ productions mirror her time, reflecting it, revealing it.


Nests is a Portuguese producer who started his career in 2020, focused on the genres of trap, cloud rap and electronic music. Having little connection to the Portuguese soundcloud universe, he has been tracing a musical career on foreign soils, having been one of the creators of the mansionboys collective. After his debut as a DJ in the first edition, Nests returns again to the poster to bring us a great diversity of musical genres.


Instrumental to Portuguese soundcloud culture, frost.y (“frost why”) creates pure, crystalline music, songs that reflect personal experiences and break taboos, addressing themes such as spirituality, the occult, naturalism, romance, intimacy, fantasy, escapism and personal transformation – the roots of human access, in reality. Brings all of this into a sonic miasma where cloud rap, psychedelia, experimentalia, folk, lullabies and a natural exploratory edge, reminiscent of a child’s curiosity, intersect in an incandescent dance of ethereality. It features collaborations with artists such as princess, ben yosei and DRVGジラ. The music offers the best, most vivid and meditative invitation to be submerged in the hypervibrant world that frost.y builds, in the spells, elementarity and magic that exist in it.


When we talk about some of the biggest figures in Portuguese Soundcloud in recent years, B4ICRY2 is undoubtedly a name that we cannot forget to highlight. Starting his career in 2019, he has been releasing songs like “FRACO”, “TAROT” and “FarAway”. He is a complete artist, both delivering songs full of energy like “E”, and managing to deliver deep and melancholic songs where he opens up and shows us his most fragile and personal side, like the track “NadaDe+”. In 2021, he released his first album “B4HER”, which features YURA and BLEACH MANE. B4ICRY2 returns now for another edition of Daydream and promises a great performance on stage.


2heaven is a vocalist and producer from Loulé, member of the collective crisis200. He started his career in 2015 as a vaporwave producer and set off on the path of cloud rap. In 2016, influenced by artists like 6dogs, he decided to start singing in English. Some of his inspirations as a producer would be redpriest, 1exposed and 7evaa. In 2021, 2heaven started singing in Portuguese, taking inspiration from artists like Chief Keef, bloodzboi and lilac, as well as the Swedish collective drain gang. Last year he gained some recognition online with his single “Lendário”.


Noxsar is a singer, DJ and designer. Taking his first artistic steps in 2018, he later debuted in 2023 as a member of the collective “crisis200”. Guided by his ethereal melodies and lyrics, Noxsar covers various musical genres such as cloudtrap and glasscore, always maintaining his characteristic essence. Always being present on the networks, he is inspired by several artists such as Black Kray, Yungster Jack, Glo Gang, Yung Lean and smokedope2016.


floraa is a Portuguese artist who started his career in 2019 inspired by artists like Mizu and LON3R JOHNY. Over time, his inspirations changed and, in 2020, he found himself taking a musical direction strongly influenced by the Swedish collective boys night’s out, starting to work more with the producer and friend nests. In 2021, he met the Brazilian vocalist and producer miyel who was a fundamental piece to find his way musically, being, since then, the person with whom he collaborated the most. After a hiatus of a few months, floraa returned to release music in February 2023 with “scars”.

Diepretty Mercédes

Diepretty Mercédes is a young musician from the new side of hip hop, who gained Portuguese recognition after the playlist “Moda Podre”, with the infamous Fakietrapflip, called TozeinaBoyz and having the co-sign of artists like Zara G, Yuzi, TripsyHell & $heka.


Mizu is an artist from Lisbon who started his musical career in 2015, venturing into the world of cloud rap, strongly influenced by the music of artists like Bladee and Yung Lean. With the emergence of emo trap, he embarked on this path, starting to make songs with a more melodic tone, talking about love disappointments, anxieties and depression. In 2018, he gained some notoriety with the release of songs like “Burn”, the EP “GHOSTBOY” and the track “Stuck On You”. A year after the release of the single “The Devil Wears Vivienne”, he returns to active by releasing the singles “Son of the Wolf” and “Vampires”, accompanied by his latest EP “AUDIO”. Accompanied by BLEACH MANE, also a member of the group HATE RAIN RECORDS, both promise to bring a unique energy to the night.

Bleach Mane

Bleach Mane is a combination of explosive and pulsating energy with melodic moments. In his new EP “Digital”, Bleach presents us with a double meaning writing with technological, digital and neo-punks sounds integrated in the mainstream trap. He started making music in 2019 and drawing the attention of the Portuguese underground community. He is part of the group Hate Rain Records, which includes the artists Hellbae, Mizu and Yura. He promises a disturbing set with flows that alternate between heavy 808’s and futuristic synths.


luviaswitch seeks to bring chaos to its purest and most ethereal state. The DJ duo formed by @noxsar and @ascenscia emerged in 2022 from the need for a connection between the digital threat and the serenity of the real. They are now debuting at DayDream re:loaded, bringing a selection of hexD, jumpstyle, hardstyle, witch house and more, giving anyone who lets themselves surrender to a journey of euphoria.

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