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Ditch Days

Ditch Days

After a fast emergence into the Portuguese indie scene with their debut reverb-drenched studio album “Liquid Springs”, the Canadian/Portuguese band spent the following years touring Europe and releasing sharp one-off singles that would captivate the attention of listeners around the world.

In 2022, the band released their sophomore album “Blossom”, a collection of pop-infused songs composed between Lisbon, the Azores islands and Geneva. Now, they’re ready to present Blossom in European venues, and fill the stage with sing-along guitars, embracing synths and head-shaking grooves.


Bordeira, Monte Clérigo and Amado also serve as mottoes. Harvest in tender age with sand behind your ears. Give him a good shake and take him to singing lessons. When you forget the solfeggio, salt it with midi. After this process, between Foia and Amoreira, introduce him to aquaculture and don’t forget to feed him with notes on keys or strings. Mix in a Caldera with BaIsJ, Dalla, BaIato, Alessandroni, Piccioni, Trovajolli, Morricone, Castello, Vanoni, Berté, Nada, Hosono, Takahashi, Sakamoto, Ohno, Daho, Ponty, Phoenix, DaU Punk, Bullion, Kirby, Yoshimura, Vollenwider, Hertezog, Casco, NOIA, among other similar spices. Wait 3 years for the result. Entertain him with Law (that looks good on the resume) and give him canine love from three Basset Hounds. Choose the hotties well under Chef Vilhena’s watch. With the right theme, you’re ready to serve. Voilá

The first steps of António Vieira’s (Basset Hounds) project, dedicated to Aljezur, where the influences of the meeting between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic are felt, through the homage to synthwave, to italo disco, to san remo in the 80’s, to french touch, new wave, ambient music and the 80’s and 90’s osts.

The first single from Bordeira, which features production by Miguel Vilhena (Niki Moss, Castilho, Jasmim, Ditch Days), according to António: “The single resulted from the discovery of a VHS filmed by my uncle Cajó, from the summer of 1997 spent in Aljezur, where me, my brother and other kids are playing and doing pranks. I took the samples from the video and started composing. The one who ends up “singing” on the single is me, aged 7. I always wanted to make an album about Aljezur and my old and current memories of its places and stories. The “you have to come running” that the 6/7 year old version of me says in the video was a bit of the call I needed to get started. I took some of my favourite film references, the beach chair made by my great grandmother and created the character that plays ‘Cajó’.”

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