Visual Arts

The Wonderful World of Orgasmo Carlos

— by Orgasmo Carlos

07.09 — 17.09.05
Galeria Zé dos Bois

Orgasmo Carlos is a collective that exposes in an anti-formalist, pluridisciplinary, redemptive and apologist perspective of creative chaos. Similar to the movement coming from the smoke from the cabarets, with no room for sameness, logic and conformation, questioning the construction of values and principles, especially artistic ones.
Orgasmo Carlos, as a premonitor of the decay of political and philosophical values, takes on a strategy of building his own universe based on the eclecticism of references.
The Wonderful World of O.C comes from a collective of “art makers” guided by Orgasmo Carlos, a phantasmatic figure, whose public mask is the figure of the Presidential singer and painter Manuel João Vieira. This exhibition includes painting, installation, photography and writing, with an absolutely divergent formal result.

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