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Summer of Hate


MДQUIИД are a surprising novelty; for the youth of their project – they appeared in the fall of 2021 – one expected a half implume creature, but the truth is that the single “2”, which they released for the occasion of their emergence, is a decided and daring flight; It’s 10 and a half minutes of trance via motorik-mode drums and ghost-voices (Halison), of sullen and jangly bass riffs (Tomás), and of an angry guitar (João) subverting the repetition squareness with delay drags and noise stabs. In the making of the single, it must be said, they were sponsored by Chaby (Mighty Sands/Spring Toast Records), a guy with an unusual sensitivity and interest in what makes a mesh sonically special compared to everything else, which, they will surely agree, has contributed to the early maturity of this three-headed engine. In a nutshell, MДQUIИД try to reproduce, in classic guitar+bass+drums power trio format, the aesthetics that are generally associated with body music, industrial and techno, building diplomatic bridges between the dance music crowd, the psychedelics and the punk crowd, a bit like what 10 000 Russians have been doing internationally. AR

Summer of Hate

Summer of Hate (S º H), a name that immediately evokes the summer of 1969 and the Manson family’s massacre against Los Angeles’ high society, was chosen by these six musicians from Porto to baptize their neo-psychedelic rock band (if the reader finds this relationship exaggerated, just check the band’s avatar on Spotify, where a woman holds a 12-string guitar under the slogan “eat the rich and die”). According to their press release, Summer of Hate have one foot in the pop of the sixties and the other in the eighties, namely shoegaze, post-rock and British post-punk, which makes them sound “like a folk band going into psychosis.” front and center we have singer Laura Calado, whose hovering, echo-folding melodies are propelled vertically, into ecstasy, by the force of the three electric guitars, intertwined timbrically and riffistically, of João Martins, Pedro Adelino and Pedro Ferreira; According to an interview with Threshold Magazine, guitarist João Martins says that “with 3 guitars there is more harmonic information, the wall of sound becomes denser, and given the impressionistic nature of the textures each performance sounds different because you notice new sound artifacts every time you play”. Added to this is the repetitive pulsation of Michel Oliveira on bass and Pedro Lopes on drums, resulting in a paradoxical anchoring and narcotic and lewd disorientation that evokes the sound of international underground giants like Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Spacemen 3, or My Bloody Valentine. Summer of Hate made their live debut in 2016, at the now defunct but legendary Reverence Valada festival, and between 2017 and 2019 they released almost 40 demos, two singles and a live album at Ferro Bar in Porto. At the end of 2022, and following a GDA support to the phonographic edition, they released their first studio-recorded feature-length, Love is Dead! Long Live Love, where they tried, as they write in their bandcamp, “to incorporate our psychedelic / shoegazey / post-rock influences into a classic pop songwriting, imagining how this kind of sound would exist in the 1960s”. AR

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