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Sunflowers are Carlos de Jesus (guitar and vocals), Carolina Brandão (drums and vocals) and Frederico Ferreira (bass), a band from Porto that already needs an XL-size merch stand to get everything they’ve produced in nine years of psychedelic punk, surf rock, and pure garage fun: three full-lengths, two EPs and four singles; vinyls, cassettes, cedes, you name it. However, who saw them playing at the Aquarium in 2016 when they released the LP The Intergalactic Guide to Find the Red Cowboy, or in 2018 when they opened for the Jacuzzi Boys, or at Rock in Rio, or at Milhões, or at Mexefest, or in 2017 in one of the 44 gigs they gave in 2 months all over Europe, well; The Sunflowers have already given more than 300 concerts, and those who have seen them live know that to have one of their records is a bittersweet thing; it is to hear the irresistible call for the most sublime of the masochisms, that of live rock and roll; it is to want to have them back on stage in front of you, with guitar and drumsticks, the P. Well, yard junkies, you can stop scratching because the Sunflowers are back and they bring a new album, A Strange Feeling of Existential Angst: 11 tracks where it surprises the injection of synthesizers and electronic processes, without compromising the rock vigor that characterizes their sound. “This is a band that has sacrificed its ears so that we could closely study the beautiful Larsen effect. It’s time to sacrifice yours” says the ALLVENUES website. AR


The band Clementine emerged in mid-2105, in Lisbon, when Shelley Barradas (a.k.a. Frankie Wolf) and Helena Fagundes (a.k.a. Lena Huracán), who had already participated together in other musical projects, such as Vaiapraia or The Dirty Coal Train, decided to give vent to their passionate references for bands from the riot grrrl movement, such as Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney, as much as for classic or new guard of punk, or post-punk, among others. Clementine’s discography consists of the 2015 demo Bobadela Sessions, followed by the EP Tiger, released in 2016 and now the album Motorhome, the latter two being recorded by Gonçalo Formiga, from Cave Story, and mixed by drummer Helena Fagundes. The band had a hiatus between 2017 and 2018, in which both Shelley Barradas and Helena dedicated themselves to other projects and work. The band’s return came at IndieLisboa 2019, with a participation in Francisca Marvão’s film Ela É Uma Música and a concert at the film festival event. In the same year, Clementine returned to activity, and stopped being a duo to now be a power trio, with the arrival of bassist Chris Bernardes. In 2020, the short film Ruby, by Mariana Gaivão had its premiere, with two Clementine songs on its soundtrack: Hell On Wheels and Absolute Demolition. And the album Motorhome was released, with 7 unreleased songs and a remix version of Absolute Demolition, available on Bandcamp, Spotify and other digital platforms.

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