Visual Arts

Talk with Fernando Brito, Gonçalo Pena and Rita Fabiana

Galeria Zé dos Bois

The conversation will take place at the Aquário, being compliment with the rules of social distancing provided by DGS. Capacity is limited and mask use is mandatory. Reservations through the e-mail zdbexpo@gmail.com.

The artists Fernando Brito and Gonçalo Pena, meet with the curator Rita Fabiana, for a conversation about their works, creating a dialogue between the universes they both brought to Galeria Zé dos Bois.
In Budonga, Fernando Brito presents a set of drawings that illustrate the mythical civilization that gives name to the exhibition, invented in the 1980s, from a novel by Pedro Proença. Gonçalo Pena, in turn, shows us new paintings, made in 2020, which reflect his positioning in relation to the general production of painting.

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