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Amanhã de Manhã

— Mauro Restiffe

16.05 — 31.08.22
Galeria Zé dos Bois

May 16th ~ 10pm

May 17th to May 22th
12am ~ 10pm

May 23th to August 31th
Monday to Saturday ~ 6pm to 10pm

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Zé Dos Bois and associates are proud to inaugurate Amanhã de Manhã [Tomorrow Morning] – a photographic monographic exhibition by Mauro Restiffe (São José do Rio Pardo, 1970) curated by João Maria Gusmão and Natxo Checa – on the sixteenth of May, two thousand and twenty-two.

A selection of 80 unseen, unheard of and left-behind images from the artist’s archive of 40,000 pictures, the exhibition aims to reflect upon the mediumistic and material qualities of Restiffe’s camara lucida – over 30 years of shooting 3200 ASA film on a Leica rangefinder rangerover. This treasure trove of snaps is revisited obliquely to present the first major exhibition in Portugal by the artist, whose discreet jaunt in Lusitanian lands went mostly unnoticed. Enacting a series of lucubrations on the specific nature of the mechanisms of photographic representation and capture, the show attempts to be a raw and analytical interpretation of the postscenium of the artist’s work. It is a deep dive into a well of images inside images, cinematic sequences, mirrors and reflections, oil paintings and art reproductions – subject, camera, action, hold. Restiffe’s photography conjures the reality all the way to the sublime of the unreality of the image, connects the consciousness of the memory to its future time, and sutures the ghost of the image to the spectre of common lives, the banal, the trivial and the shared, belonging to everyone and no one at the same time.

An exhibition of silver salts on the sixteenth of May, at the plenilune full moon, for wizards and witches only.

On show at ZDB until the end of the summer. Don’t miss it!

Mauro Restiffe

Mauro Restiffe (São José do Rio Pardo SP 1970). He is photographer. He studied cinema at the School of Communication at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – Faap, in São Paulo, graduating in 1993. Studied photography at the International Center of Photography in New York between 1994 and 1995. Representative of the new generation of author-photographers that operates on the border between the universe of photography and that of the plastic arts, his work is structured around two basic strands: one autobiographical and the other metalinguistic.

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