Norberto Lobo ⟡ Friedman & Pais

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian ⟡ Open-Air Amphitheatre

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Norberto Lobo

Norberto Lobo has been one of the most cherished musicians in the country for the last two decades. He is a guitarist whose work has revealed an uncommon minutia, an inexhaustible sense of discovery and creativity throughout several albums and countless live performances. There is a special richness in his creations, from the albums “Pata Lenta” or “Muxama”, that already belong to our imaginary, to the risk taken when exploring new paths with a band (like in the recent album “Estrela”) or in collaborations like Montanhas Azuis, side by side with Bruno Pernadas and Marco Franco.

Relying on the fingerpicking of the American tradition, an heritage left by artists like John Fahey or Robbie Basho, but also on the melodic purity of Carlos Paredes, on the free harmony of jazz, on the hypnosis attained by ragga and other genres aiming at ascetism, Norberto Lobo’s music is profoundly his own, an ever-lasting and fascinating quest for new forms. Witnessing him playing live is an incredibly special event, a magical glimpse into his creations. This will be the chance to hear him reminiscing and playing classics but also to gaze into what the future holds.

Friedman & Pais

This will be a magical encounter between drummer and percussionist João Pais Filipe and electronics master Burnt Friedman. With an immense and influential discography and projects such as Drome, Nonplace Urban Field, Flanger or Nice Horses, Friedman went through four decades of constant discovery, contributing to many advances in the world of electronic music and crossing it with other languages ​​like dub, jazz or ambientalism. In the last few years, he has dedicated himself to Secret Rhythms, where he works on a combination of both organic and electronic percussion. It is this context that this duo appears, where Friedman’s wisdom gains new life through the unique polyrhythms of João Pais Filipe, a musician based in Porto, whose intense activity includes collaborations with musicians such as Z’EV, Rafael Toral and with bands like HHY & The Macumbas or Paisel.

drums and percussion João Pais Filipe syths & electronic Burnt Friedman

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