— 'Today We'll be the Lucky Ones' album launch

Galeria Zé dos Bois

The wind is blowing on my face, sings the musician Castilho in the verses of The Wind Blows, one of his compositions awarded in 2020 by Novos Talentos Fnac and which resulted in his debut at the illustrious Coliseu dos Recreios. But this wind of which he speaks, the reader is not mistaken, is not the kind that blows crazy to mess up our ideas and ruffle our hair, something that would be better suited to describe the frenzy of Savanna, a psychedelic rock band where he plays a central role on keyboards and on second vocals. In this solo project of his, where he leaves his comfort zone and ventures to compose also on guitar, Pedro Castilho rather conjures an indie-pop breeze, a honeyed and vulnerable breeze that runs through his singles since Come Back (2017), Moving Fast, Moving Slow (2018) and Lucky Ones (2019). On the other hand, it should be noted that at certain moments a small whirlwind emerges from this sentimental serenity, as is most obviously noted in the single Numbers (2021) – the arrangements are more dramatic, the guitars more percussive, the dynamics more excited, etc… Thus, the curiosity is sharpened: where will Castilho’s remaining songs take us, now added to the aforementioned singles and released, here at Aquário, in album format? From what we have already heard, although in a more stripped-down and lo-fi expression, the tenderness of the Swedish The Cardigans or the harmoniousness of the Japanese The Pillows come to mind, as well as a certain lost innocence of the pop of the sixties and seventies. What is certain is that we can count on a solid and sonically polished performance, not only because of his stage experience with Savanna or Ditch Days, but also because he will be accompanied by Miguel Vilhena (Savanna/Niki Moss) on drums, Luís Medeiros on electric guitar and José Crespo on keyboards (Ditch Days), Sofia Brás on viola d’arco and Bernardo Soares on saxophone. AR

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