Visual Arts

GROSSO MODO substância mole IPSO FACTO substância dura

— by Mattia Denisse

20.05 — 12.06.04
Galeria Zé dos Bois

THICK MODE soft substance IPSO FACT hard substance
tables des matières et des antimatières
To know once and for all if: the world is edible?

(…) writing a text about my work would be interesting if it were written by another self. Also, explaining my trajectory, my trajectory, trying to persuade you that my work is important, vital, even useful, in short, finding a valid justification for the existence of this “work” (my life?) give me a better perspective on my professional life. But I have to say honestly that I find no valid justification for the things I did, not even for my own existence. Perhaps, later on, I will find justifications, on the verge of death or before I give up, in the face of the absurdity of living without any perspective or functions. Until then, I claim the total right to my profound uselessness and to my presence entirely and inwardly gratuitous, which is an insult to the order of the world. I am perfectly unjustified and unjustified, entirely and inwardly free. In this pathetic revelation, my anguish and my freedom are hidden. The only thing I can say for sure is that my job is unique because I am unique like you. Perhaps my job is simply to share this with you. (…)
– Mattia Denisse, Qui suis Je, 2003.

Mattia Denisse

Mattia works mainly in installations where he incorporates painting, mechanisms, objects, “evolutionary sculptures” and many other organic and non-organic materials. Born in France, he defines himself as a voluntary exile and an involuntary striker.

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